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FICCI Flo organizes a webinar on Corona virus

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FICCI Flow organizes a webinar on ‘Coronavirus: Facts and Fiction

 Lucknow.  FICCI Flo Lucknow organized its first program for this flo year on a topic that has influenced everyone in the present times.
  The second wave of the Covid epidemic has put us in a much worse and tougher situation than the previous year.  Many of our family members and friends have lost their lives fighting the virus. It became imperative to understand the issues related to this new version of Covid and its impact on children. This webinar was conducted with this clear objective in mind.  So that all new changes, current procedures and protocols about the epidemic, along with various myths can be understood and how it affects children.

FICCI organize webinar about facts and fiction of corona virus
FICCI organize webinar about facts and fiction of corona virus

  In the webinar, Dr. Suryakant, Prof.  & HOD, Respiratory Medicine and In-Charge, Corona Control Task Force, KGMU and Child Psychiatrist Drs.  There were medical field experts like Abhinav Pandey, who talked in detail about all precautions and safety measures.  While addressing the program, Dr. Suryakant said that some precautions are necessary before vaccination, keeping in mind that the person should not have fever on the day of vaccination and do not go for vaccination on an empty stomach and if one gets Covid-19  If the person gets vaccinated only after 2 weeks of recovery, pregnant women cannot get vaccinated. Dr. Surya Kant, brand ambassador of National Health Mission-Covid Vaccination of Uttar Pradesh, says that vaccination is very important to effectively prevent corona.He said that after the first vaccination, we are almost 60% safe and  After the second vaccine, our safety cycle increases to 80% and if one gets infected even after both the vaccinations, then there is no need to worry too much, he will get well soon by treating Covid-19 at home  He appealed to everyone that vaccination is very safe and I am an example of this myself. In response to a question, he said that there is no problem in vaccinating women during periods. Dr. Surya Kant says that due to the decrease in corona cases, people started taking carelessness, due to which the corona got a chance to spread its legs. 

Arushi Tondon organize webinar
Arushi Tondon organize webinar

Therefore, the appeal to everyone is that once the corona virus has expanded, then we too have to be more vigilant and be more cautious than before.  It is impossible to get rid of the corona until everyone’s cooperation is available, so it should be tried not to come out without work and if necessary, leave with a three layer mask covering the nose and mouth well.  Avoid going to the crowd and keep a distance of two yards from whomever you meet.  Avoid needlessly applying hands to any object and if you come in contact with any object, then clean hands thoroughly with soap-water or sanitizer.  This protocol has become very important for everyone for the next few days in order to secure everyone as well as family and community. Dr. Abhinav Pandey said that the second wave of Corona has greatly affected children and youth. In the coming time, vaccination will be available for children as well till then we have to wear children masks, wash hands frequently and proper distance from all  To maintain, and at the same time, to eat nutritious food.

Dr Suryakant on corona virus
Dr Surya Kant on corona virus

 Addressing the program, Aarushi Tandon, President of FICCI Flo Lucknow Chapter, said that through this webinar we had the opportunity to know what precautions we should take in this battle of Covid-19.  Dr. Surya Kant has also cleared the misconceptions about vaccination.  All of us will have to make efforts to ensure that vaccination of women from every section of society.  The program was conducted by Dr. Arpita Anand.  The webinar was attended by Seemu Ghai, Swati Verma, Shama Gupta, Vandita Aggarwal as well as flow members from across the country.  It was also broadcast live on Facebook

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